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Small, 2 Tray per Week Micro Farm

Small, 2 Tray per Week Micro Farm

the micro farmers

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Two harvest-ready trays of microgreens each week for 9 weeks. 

Using our simple 3 week 'sow, grow, eat' cycle, you'll be able to eat a tray of microgreens almost every day of the week. 


  • the micro farmers handbook
  • 6 grow trays (3 sets of 2 trays) *starter kits only
  • 18 grow mats (2 per week for 9 weeks)
  • 5 portions of sweet greens microgreen seed mix
  • 5 portions of zesty radish microgreen seed mix
  • 4 portions of peas please microgreen seed mix
  • 4 portions of tangy choy microgreen seed mix

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