Here come the microgreens

Here come the microgreens

Looking forward to the tasty microgreens I just put under light today - they should be ready for early harvesting in 3-4 days.

It being December 1, the bounty of fresh greens from our garden and our local farmers has ended. So last weekend I started the first big batch of microgreens that I've grown since the summer.

Here's a shot of the microgreens:

Zesty radish microgreens, Tangy choy microgreens and wheatgrass

Zesty Radish (front), Tangy Choy (middle), Wheatgrass (back)
I also sowed a couple of lettuce mixes, cress and some bangles sweet peppers.
Here is the lettuce at 4 days old. Hardy lettuce mix - 4 days old
The cress is doing quite well and I'll post some pictures of that soon.
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