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complete lettuce garden growing kit | 4 kinds of organic lettuce seed, growing pots, grow medium, complete bilingual growing booklet and more

complete lettuce garden growing kit | 4 kinds of organic lettuce seed, growing pots, grow medium, complete bilingual growing booklet and more

from: the micro farmers

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Grow Your Own Beautiful Lettuce Indoors or Outdoors

Product Key Features:

  • Four organic, non-GMO lettuce seed varieties (25 seeds each)
  • Detailed bilingual seed cards with plant information, companion planting, seed starting, and transplanting tips
  • 8 Jiffypot® 130 peat pots for hassle-free transplanting
  • 4 large Jiffy J7 QSM horticultural peat pucks to fill all 8 pots
  • Comprehensive bilingual handbook for garden planning and guidance on growing seedlings indoors and transplanting outdoors

Product Details

Introducing the Lovely Harvest 6 Variety Herb Garden Seed Starting Kit, designed by the micro farmers to help you grow your own organic and flavorful herbs, indoors or outdoors. This all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to start your herb garden from scratch, making it perfect for anyone looking to start an organic herb garden at home, give a thoughtful green gift, or even do a fun project with the kids.

Each kit comes with four organic, non-GMO herb seed varieties, carefully selected for their taste and versatility:

  1. "Leny" (green Batvia variety): Semi-hearting heads of large bright green leaves with excellent resistance to mildew. Leaves are crisp and have a sweet flavor with no bitterness..

  2. "Blade" (red Oakleaf variety): Wavy baby lettuce leaves that are a rich mahogany at the tips and fade to a pale green at the stems. Mild nutty flavour with a crisp texture.

  3. "Clearwater" (green Oakleaf variety): A fast growing, medium-dark green Oakleaf lettuce with sturdy, deeply lobed leaves that offer excellent dimension and a sweet flavour.

  4. "New Red Fire" (red Waldman variety): Large ruffled leaves that are dark red at the tips and green at the base. It has a mild flavour and its leaves are tender with a hint of crispinesss

In addition to the seeds, this kit includes bilingual seed cards printed on durable card stock, providing essential information about each plant, companion planting tips, and seed starting and transplanting guidance. The kit also contains a 4-pack of Jiffy® J7 QSM (quick soil media) - 60x90mm and 8 Jiffypot® 130 peat pots for convenient and eco-friendly seed starting and transplanting.

To help you plan and grow your lettuce with confidence, the Lovely Harvest 4 Variety Lettuce Garden Seed Starting Kit also comes with a comprehensive bilingual handbook. This guide covers everything from garden planning to growing seedlings indoors and transplanting them outdoors, helping you grow successfully.

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